How can different members of the design team be convinced to apply ID?

A major concern is to bring the different specialists of the design team to a common perception of the holistic building process that ID adopts. To achieve this the following should be considered:

  1. Awareness of the ID procedure and its benefits (seminars, introduction of the ID Process Guide etc)

  2. Change the conventional linear sequence of the design process, indicating its non-effectiveness

  3. Analyse the misjudgements of the design team in previous projects where ID was not applied

  4. Underline that high performance goals require:
    1. convergence of thinking
    2. combination of analytical, conceptual, critical and creative thinking

  5. Inspire the team with a long term rather than a short term concept: life cycle costs vs construction costs

  6. Challenge the team with best practice examples where ID was applied

Definition of goals and problem-solving calls for a process, characterized by a series of circular movements rather than a linear sequence. This will take the team from a preliminary idea based on individual experience through an iterative analysis of related impacts. Then creating the solution and defining the problem are investigated simultaneously.