How much more will ID cost the consultants, and how much might it save in construction costs?

The costs of the planning processare influenced by many different factors. Based on the experience of the MaTrid consortium, the initial concept and pre-design process may cost approximately 5-10% more compared to conventional planning and further detailed engineering may further increase the costs by around 5%. As mentioned before, the costs may vary from project to project and based on whether the project developer has any previous experience in managing projects taking into account the principles of integrated design. The increase in costs also varies depending on the magnitude of the project as larger projects usually involve a larger number of specialists from interdisciplinary fields, therefore often the required specialist for ID process implementation are already involved in the project and further project management towards ID process is highly dependent on the experience and knowledge of the project manager/developer.

The savings or additional costs of buildings built according to the ID process also reflect a broad range. Based on the experience of the MaTrid consortium, the building costs are on average about 5-10% higher. In most of the cases the rise in building costs can be associated with higher demands regarding the building envelope and higher control demands during the construction process, including intermediate construction quality checks of the building constructions. As the ID process specifically focuses on thorough investigation of all the components of the building, it is less likely to have any major setbacks during the construction process compared with building designs where the attention drawn to the design details is less. Therefore the reduction of costs may be expected in cases where some of the details in common building design processes have not been taken into account, resulting in additional changes and additional costs, compared to buildings designed by ID process.

Table 1:
 Tasks Costs
 Concept and pre-design  5-10% more  Based on experience
 Detailed engineering  <5% more the first projects 5-10% less in the next projects  Based on experience – smoother process caused by more detailed concept design
 Building costs  5-10% more  3-6% for Passive houses
 Operational costs  70-90% less  Based on experience
 Building faults  10-30% less  Because of better planning and better follow up during construction