How do I organise a kick-off meeting and what are the important topics and goals to cover?

The kick-off meeting should involve the client, the ID Facilitator (if one is being used) and all the core members of the design team. The core members of the design team include the architect and the services engineer as a minimum, but may also include any specialist consultants where these are relevant for the project (an acoustic consultant for auditorium buildings would be appropriate, for example). The meeting should be held in a venue able to give all the participants capacity to fully take part without being interrupted, and it is likely that presentation and workshop facilities (such as flip boards) would be beneficial.

A typical kick-off meeting would follow an agenda such as:

  • Introduction& usual formalities
  • Presentation on Integrated Design (usually by ID Facilitator, presentation can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p3xqew8dbzo1car/JK03DiKjQo)
  • Questions on ID and processes
  • Presentation of Client Brief (if no brief exists, it should be written. If a brief does exist, it should ideally be forwarded in advance of the meeting)First review of the Client Brief – intended to begin the process of identifying ways to improve the brief. The first ‘homework’ for the team will be to give feedback on the brief
  • Agreeing on the content of future workshops:
    • Client Brief review;
    • First concept design presentation & review (depending on the energy modelling strategy being used, the presentation of the concepts and the final review may be split into two meetings to allow time for energy modelling in between);
    • Subsequent concept design presentations & reviews (to be repeated as agreed)
    • Finalisation of preferred concept design and revision of Client Brief (and associated goals).
    • A successful kick-off meeting will convey to the client and core design consultants the principles of Integrated Design for working collaboratively to review and improve the Client Brief; to produce more than one concept design for open-minded review; and for setting clear measurable goals to check if the brief is put into practice. A successful kick-off meeting will also set dates for future workshops in which to achieve all of these tasks!
    • What is the most important key factor in an ID process?
    • The most crucial factors in an ID process are the project goals. Most projects have several goals. Therefore all project goals should be prioritized. The project goals have to be specific and measureable. The developer and the design team have to agree on the project goals and have to be uncompromising regarding the main goal.