How does ID contribute to the quality of the construction and operation of the building?

The following characteristics of ID ensure a high-quality building:

  • The definition of specific project goals in the early design process
  • Close collaboration of the planning team including feedback loops
  • Quality assurance methods

A crucial task is to define specific project goals in the very early design process. At this point in time it is easy to define ambitious goals such as energy performance levels and energy monitoring possibilities without substantial extra costs. It is important to communicate the goals in all tenders, planner contracts and contractor agreements to ensure that every team member focuses on them.

The planning team consists of experts of all relevant disciplines. This also includes the facility management for the building operation. A close cooperation within the team including regular feedback loops on the designs secures a high-quality solution that best matches with the client’s needs.

Further, quality assurance methods such as a blower door test,  air quality and acoustic comfort measurements, thermal imaging and a well organised commissioning process to adjust all systems to the special user needs are essential for proofing that the building is constructed as planned.