What are the key differences between other collaborative or partnering processes and Integrated Design?

Integrated Design is an evolution of other collaborative or partnering processes that have been used to varying extents for some time. ID does not replace much of the good practice these earlier examples use, but supplements them with three key additional steps:

  • Challenge the Client's Brief;
  • Produce multiple concept designs;
  • Quantified goal setting and checking.

Whilst some of these three key points may have been informally covered in other collaborative or partnering design processes, Integrated Design recognises their particular importance in achieving the best solution for the client’s needs, and the lowest energy means of delivering this. For more information on the Integrated Design process and these three key steps, please see the European ID Process Guide: http://www.integrateddesign.eu/toolkits/process_guidelines.php.

National version of the ID Process Guide can be found here: http://www.integrateddesign.eu/toolkits/national_markets.php.